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WAran Research FoundaTion (WARFT)

About Us

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WAran Research FoundaTion is a non-profit research organization established in the year 2000. Since it's inception, WARFT has put forth sustained efforts in brain modeling, supercomputing and associated areas. The ultimate goal of WARFT is towards unraveling the connectivity of the human brain regions through the MMINi-DASS project. Biologically accurate brain simulations require massive computational power and thus, another major research initiative at WARFT is the MIP Project directed towards evolving a design methodology for the development of a tera-ops supercomputing cluster.

Undergraduate research trainees at WARFT engage themselves in multi-disciplinary research areas of neuroscience, supercomputing architectures, processor design paradigm towards deep sub-micron, power aware computing, low power issues, mixed signal design, fault tolerance and testing, digital signal processing. WARFT conducts Dhi Yantra , a workshop on brain modeling and supercomputing every year in order to inculcate research awareness among the undergraduate students. The dedicated efforts of WARFT research trainees have brought in worldwide recognition to this foundation.



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