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Workshop on Brain Modeling & Supercomputing

Dhi Yantra is a yearly workshop organized by the WAran Research FoundaTion. Dhi means “buddhi”- the intellect. Yantra means "machine". Dhi Yantra acts as a driving force for imparting knowledge to the community about Brain Modeling and Super Computing. As a leading undergraduate research institution in India, WARFT has hosted 6 editions of this workshop over the last 7 years to tremendous response. With guest lectures from respected scientists like Henry Markhram - Director Blue Brain Project,  Rupak Biswas - Chief NASA advanced Supercomputing Division , Dr.V Kamakoti - Professor IIT Madras, Dr. K. Kasturirangan - Member Planning Commission, from all over the world, this workshop has encouraged under graduate students to take up research. It focuses primarily on two major challenges :

  • High Performance Computing
  • Brain Modeling
The workshop is honored by eminent people from these fields. The majority of the audience are undergraduate students. Four editions of this workshop have been conducted and the fifth one is set to roll out. Click on the links below to know more about the previous workshops.
1 Dhi Yantra '11
2 Dhi Yantra '10
3 Dhi Yantra '09
4 Dhi Yantra '08
5 Dhi Yantra '07
6 Dhi Yantra '06